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February 16th, 2015

F4J release video of Matt O’Connnor’s arrest in MP dispute

The video Hampshire Police did not want you to see. Published for the first time by Fathers4Justice in advance of Matt O’Connor’s trial on 20/2/15.

Fathers4Justice founder Matt O’Connor is violently and unlawfully arrested by Hampshire Police officers at 8.00am on 4/9/14.

Matt was detained yards from his Hampshire home by waiting Police Officers who questioned him about his complaints about a Police cover up concerning the involvement of Caroline Nokes MP in an incident at his home on 20/2/14 where a man forced entry onto his property and he was punched and his landlord was bitten.

Ms Nokes later admitted being interviewed by Police at the scene and her colleague was arrested. Despite the severity of the incident, no one was charged.

By contrast, Matt was charged under Section 5 of the Public Order Act for causing alarm and harassment on a virtually empty village high street at 8.00am.

Fathers4Justice believe the arrest was politically motivated given Hants Police had attempted to cover up the involvement of the MP in the incident at Matt’s home and failed to meaningfully investigate over 9-months of intimidation including hate mail and vandalism which forced the O’Connor’s from their home.

The incident was recorded by his wife Nadine O’Connor who had seen Police Officers acting suspiciously outside their home. Hants Police made 2 attempts to recover the video using coercion whilst Matt O’Connor was detailed for over 11 hours in Basingstoke Police station.

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