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August 19th, 2018

Game of Thrones star Lena Headey’s ex husband ‘Busks4Justice’ outside Buckingham Palace

The former husband of Game of Thrones star Lena Headey is ‘busking for justice’ today outside Buckingham Palace as he announced his support for campaign group Fathers4Justice (F4J).

Peter Loughran, 39, from Leeds, used the hashtag #ShameOfThrones as the event was broadcast live on Facebook and he entertained tourists to songs like ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’ by Guns N’Roses and ‘From Now On’ from the film The Greatest Showman.

Said Peter, “The family courts separate 200 children from their fathers every day.”

“This is done in the name of the Queen, whose Royal Coat of Arms hangs in every court and where judges are representatives of the crown.”

“What better place than Buckingham Palace to announce my support for Fathers4Justice, scene of some of their most infamous protests.”

Said F4J founder, Matt O’Connor, “Peter has kindly given his time today to raise awareness about the forced separation of children from their fathers in secret family courts and the plight of the 3m children who live in fatherless homes. We are delighted to welcome him on board.”

A Christmas single by Peter and Fathers4Justice will be launched in December.

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