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Support our family of fathers, mothers, grandparents, partners and other family members affected by the cancer of family breakdown. On the Fathers4Justice Forum you will receive invaluable help, support and advice from our online community and be able share your story with people who understand how you are feeling and be able to access the full Fathers 4 Justice web site with exclusive promotional offers.

Help & Advice Forum Registration includes:

Blueprint & Family Justice on Trial eBook

  • Our private online help forum can offer you invaluable help, support and advice from other fathers, parents, relatives and the F4J Team. Share your concerns and problems with problems with people in the same situation as you. One years subscription to our online forum is £30.00.

JOIN NOW: £30.00 Single payment for one year.

Lifetime Supporter

iDad T Shirt & Rising DVD

  • Become a lifetime supporter of the world’s largest equal parenting campaign group and get all the benefits of standard registration PLUS:
  • Confidential telephone conversation to discuss your case, case review and strategy on how to proceed.
  • Lifetime access to the forum.

JOIN NOW: £800.00

Please allow 7-10 days for your application to be processed.

You will receive an email invitation to join our confidential online Help Forum.

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“There is more legislation protecting animals, than there is protecting fathers.”

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