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Equal Parenting - The campaign to give fathers equal rights to see their children after separation.

Mass fatherlessness is an appalling injustice our politicians cannot ignore. They have a duty of care and responsibility to prevent the separation of children and fathers in secret courts. Yet for over a decade, they have systematically denied Fathers4Justice and the 50,000 families we represent any meaningful representation and presided over the creation of a fatherless society.
1 in 3 children now lives without their father. Since our creation in 2001, we have campaigned to ensure every child has a right to a meaningful relationship with both their parents.

Keeping Families Together - Our Family Lifeline and support service.

Going to court is a traumatic experience for any parent, particularly when you have no solicitor to guide you. Each day will raise a hundred different questions which is why our online Family Lifeline forum provides a convenient source of confidential help, support and advice for anyone entering the family justice system.

Child Support Reform - Child support should mean emotional and financial support.

Under today’s child support legislation, you can abandon your children tomorrow, provided you pay. A nation of first-class fathers have been reduced to the status of second-class parents and cashpoints by successive governments who have demonised dads as ‘deadbeats’ for cheap political capital. The reality is that without equal rights and responsibilities for fathers, the child support system is doomed to failure. We need to create a child support system that provides children with emotional and financial support, is tied to parenting time and gives parents rights and responsibilities for their children.

Anti Male Discrimination - Working against the demonisation and denigration of men and boys in society.

We look forward to the day when gender doesn’t matter and all parents are treated equally. However the demonisation and denigration of men and boys has become acceptable in advertising, the media and society in general. Fathers4Justice believes this ‘reverse sexism’ is not only as unacceptable as discrimination against women, but profoundly damaging to young men and boys who increasingly feel isolated and disconnected from their families and society. Help us end gender discrimination against men and boys.

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a fathers protection.”

Sigmund Freud

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