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November 5th, 2012

F4J Accuses Government of Fraud over Shared Parenting Proposals

Fathers4Justice today said the governments so called ‘shared parenting laws’ were nothing of the sort.

The group said that the impression created by the government proposals were ‘fraudulent and deceptive’ and a confidence trick that created the illusion of change whilst changing nothing except the language of injustice.

The group said the government has broken explicit pre-election promises made to Fathers4Justice before the last election. The group criticised the proposals saying they reject a legal presumption to contact between children and their fathers and grandparents and deny fathers a presumption of equal parenting.

Said F4J Campaign Director Nadine O’Connor, ‘The government proposals are a fraud and no father should think this will give them any rights in law to see their children. Far from it, this is licence for more litigation, not less.’

‘Is the government is really going to allow the future of children from separating families to rest with an unelected, unaccountable and unsackable judiciary operating in complete secrecy, then expect these same people to ensure fathers spend more time with their children? These are the very people responsible for a catastrophic breakdown in the family justice system.’

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