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March 22nd, 2016

McDonalds: Fathers4Justice respond to legal threats over “McDads” campaign

    Dear Sirs, We refer to your letter of 10th March 2015 where you stated you act for McDonald’s. You complained about the Fathers4Justice parody of your client’s brand and the use of your clients “McChicken® Sandwich product” in a David Cameron parody advertisement. We responded that this was plainly a parody, was not […]

February 15th, 2016

The Guardian threaten Fathers4Justice with libel and harassment action in Tory MP dispute

Fathers4Justice today said the Guardian had made a series of false allegations and threats against the group, on behalf of Tory MP Tim Loughton. The dispute arose when Mr Loughton claimed Fathers4Justice were plotting to target his house when he was the Children’s Minister. F4J said the claim was the latest in a series of false allegations […]

December 2nd, 2015

Climb Higher: Why Dads Need Direct Action

It takes balls to breach national security. Big, brass, bloody balls. It’s easy to talk the talk, but not to walk the walk. That’s why the brave men and women who have risked life, limb and liberty in the pursuit of equality over these last 15 years, deserve the utmost credit and respect. Fathers4Justice was […]

November 30th, 2015

Fathers4Justice founder issues libel claim against Caroline Nokes MP

Solicitors acting for the founder of Fathers4Justice, Matt O’Connor, have issued a claim for libel against Caroline Nokes MP. M Law have sent Ms Nokes a letter before claim over a series of allegations made by the MP about Fathers4Justice and Matt and Nadine O’Connor. The move comes after O’Connor agreed a settlement with The […]

November 27th, 2015

Fathers4Justice founder agrees libel settlement with The Independent

The founder of Fathers4Justice, Matt O’Connor, has agreed a settlement with The Independent newspaper in libel proceedings. O’Connor had instructed M Law to begin libel proceedings over an article in which Caroline Nokes MP made a series of false and libellous allegations about O’Connor, his wife and Fathers4Justice in the newspaper. The Independent agreed to […]

May 8th, 2015

An Election Message from Matt O’Connor: The Campaign for Shared Parenting Continues.

Without doubt, it has been a difficult night for campaigners who want to see urgent family law reform. We face profound challenges given there will be another Conservative led administration, which not only broke it’s 2010 election promises to F4J, but will continue to oppose equal rights for dads and support a punitive and discriminatory […]

May 5th, 2015

Statement by Fathers4Justice about Conservative Party Allegations

Fathers4Justice publish the letter sent to MPs and members of the House of Lords on 26/3/15 before the dissolution of Parliament, after a member of the House of Lords raised allegations made by David Cameron, Prime Minister, & Caroline Nokes MP, with the organisation. The letter was widely read, particularly by members of the Labour […]

April 2nd, 2015

Prime Minister David Cameron apologises to Fathers4Justice founder Matt O’Connor

In a letter on behalf of Prime Minister David Cameron, from his Political Private Secretary, Mr Cameron wrote to F4J Founder Matt O’Connor to apologise directly for his original remark wrongly accusing Fathers4Justice of damaging his roof and to ensure Mr O’Connor had seen his public apology below. “During the interview I gave to Sarah Sands […]

March 31st, 2015

Update: David Cameron’s apology to Fathers4Justice

On 31/3/15, five days after David Cameron’s printed apology to Fathers4Justice appeared in the printed edition of the Evening Standard, the Standard has now published the apology online here: wrote again to the Prime Minister on 30/3/15 asking for an apology in writing and online, and asked that the offending allegations be removed from publication […]

March 27th, 2015

F4J writes to every MP & member of the House of Lords over Conservative Party allegations

Fathers4Justice yesterday wrote to every MP and member of the House of Lords yesterday following allegations made against Fathers4Justice by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and the Conservative MP for Romsey and Southampton North, Caroline Nokes. Within hours, David Cameron had withdrawn his allegations, though Fathers4Justice say they are taking legal advice on whether Mr […]

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