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February 27th, 2018

F4J begin libel proceedings over ‘terrorism’ claim by mothers group

Campaign group Fathers4Justice tonight instructed solicitors to begin libel proceedings against a group called ‘Mothers4Justice’

On 20th February, F4J wrote to Angelique Ferra, the person responsible for the groups Facebook page, asking her to remove defamatory posts claiming F4J founder Matt O’Connor ‘incited hatred against mothers’, and held ‘the same values as those who incite terrorism’, and that Fathers4Justice was a ‘hateful group against women and mothers’.

Ferra was given until 5.00pm on 27th February to remove the posts and make a formal apology to Mr O’Connor and Fathers4Justice on the Mothers4Justice social media pages, and make a £250 donation to a charity of their choice.

In the letter to Ms Ferra, F4J point out that around one-third of their supporters are women, that the International Campaign Director is a mother, and that Ms Ferra’s group has attacked women who have supported F4J on their Facebook page.

F4J also say ‘Mothers4Justice’ has derived their name from the Fathers4Justice trademarks in an attempt to exploit awareness created by their campaign.

Fathers4Justice say they are seeking a full apology from Ms Ferra, damages and recovery of their legal costs.

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