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January 22nd, 2024

Exposed: The Katie Price Child Abuse Scandal

The following information has been reported to West Sussex Children’s Services, Sussex Police, and the Family Court in Shoreham, Sussex. Much of the information is from concerned parties and the authorities. To date, nothing has been done to address any of the child protection issues listed below.

The courts have a legal obligation to follow the Welfare Checklist to protect the children’s physical, emotional, and educational needs, and protect them from coming to any harm. Yet, time and time again the family courts are failing our children on a Dickensian scale, in secret courts, run by an unelected, unaccountable, unsackable judiciary, operating in complete secrecy. They claim to act in the child’s best interests, but have not kept records on the outcomes for children to prove this.

The Katie Price child abuse scandal is perhaps the most shocking example of our broken family court system.

The information is deeply disturbing and upsetting. Our concerns about Katie Price were first raised over five years ago, yet no action has been taken to date.

It is self-evident that Katie Price is not only a risk to herself, but also poses an ongoing safeguarding risk to her children. She has been assisted by West Sussex Children’s Services and their Social Worker Lynne Rickwood, who was sacked last year after becoming nanny to the kids. This is the same Social Worker who denied Kieran Hayler access to his kids for over a year using false allegations.

To date, he still has no access to them.

At the time of writing, the Family Court has had seven months to deal with this matter, but has instead referred the matter back to the very Children’s Services responsible for these systemic child protection failures and corruption.

Further, the media are also complicit in protecting Price. They know everything about her, but want to protect her as she (and her kids) are a valuable source of clickbait revenue for them.

Not only have these children been exposed to depraved and unspeakable acts, they have been sexualised and exploited for financial reward both for Katie Price, and her friends in the media. 

After the Rotherham child abuse scandal, and Jimmy Saville, the media should have learnt a chilling lesson. Instead they have learnt nothing.

It is incumbent on each of us to expose child abuse where ever we find it, especially in cases where there is a public interest.

I do not exaggerate when I say this is the biggest child abuse cover up I have witnessed in 23 years of Fathers4Justice. It is inconceivable that any other parent would get away with this. But in the twisted, perverted world of celebrity, anything goes if you get clicks.

These children must be removed from the care of Katie Price as a matter of urgency, so they can be properly safeguarded and protected. If any of these allegations had been made about a father, all contact would have been stopped immediately.

F4J have done everything we can via the Police, Social Services, and Court action to prevent the removal of children from the UK, and to Essex, to live with Carl Woods. We have also helped expose corrupt social worker Lynne Rockwood.

Now we can do nothing more than publish our concerns and encourage the public to share these with the Police and Social Services. After five year of repeated warnings, it’s time for the authorities to act, before it is too late.

Matt O’Connor, Founder, Fathers4Justice


CORRUPT SOCIAL WORKER: Katie Price’s social worker Lynne Rickwood – the person responsible for denying Kieran Hayler access to his kids for the last year – was sacked after it was revealed she had become the primary carer for the kids after becoming their nanny. Social services then tried to cover this up by blackmailing the father, cruelly telling him that if it became public, he might never see his kids again.

ALLEGATIONS OF INCEST: Fathers4Justice have reported multiple allegations of incest involving the children of Katie Price to Sussex Police. The move follows allegations raised by West Sussex Social Services. F4J have called for the immediate return of two children to their father Kieran Hayler. Katie Price has a troubling history of coaching the children to make false allegations against other partners and their children.

SAFEGUARDING CONCERN’S FOR CHILDREN: There are serious allegations in court documents about the children’s welfare in the household, disturbing behaviour, and age inappropriate activity such as bed sharing with adults.

ABANDONED SCHOOLING: One of the children has not attended school since November 2022. Social Services have done nothing to address this.

COCAINE ABUSE: Price failed Local Authority drugs tests in the last 3 months while still being the primary carer for the children and denying the father access. She tested positive for cocaine. This was after she was allowed to dye her hair and replace her hair extensions, in breach of testing protocols. It is unclear if she was tested for alcohol or other drugs. Price has an extensive history of drug and alcohol abuse and of driving in her car while under the influence and crashing it. The courts must insist there are new hair strand tests for alcohol and drugs, taken without interference.

MENTAL HEALTH CONCERNS: Price has an extensive history of mental health episodes, yet no one has taken any steps to ensure she is supported, and the kids protected.

INTERCOURSE IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN: In shocking acts of depravity, some children are reported to have witnessed their mother having sex in front of them with other men on holiday, including oral sex and her exposing her vagina to them after sex.

DOMESTIC ABUSE: It is reported that Price has been subject to repeated domestic abuse by Carl Woods after he caught her cheating. In one incident KP’s other boyfriend Tom Pearce, used one of the children’s phone to message her and Carl Woods saw this and smashed up the phone.

USING THE CHILDREN AS CLICKBAIT: Price uses the children as clickbait on social media to generate content, interest, and revenue, despite the children being underage on certain platforms. For example the children have been banned from TikTok as they are under 13 years of age.

THE SUN STALKING – KIDS FOR CASH: Price used the photo agency Backgrid to follow the children and a photograph of them attending a contact centre appeared on  the Sun web site on 12/6/23, before being taken down.

COACHING, CONTACT DENIAL & PARENTAL ALIENATION: Price continues to deny some of the children access to their father for no reason, in breach of their human rights. Price has used a smokescreen of allegations to prevent access. She has also engaged in alienating behaviour to poison the children against him. Contact denial and parental alienation is child abuse, and should be a criminal offence.

CHANNEL 4 INVOLVEMENT: Channel 4 production company Captive Minds have been unlawfully involved themselves in court proceedings on Price’s behalf. In one instance a researcher is alleged to have emailed the Judge HHJ Lusty posing as a concerned friend of Price’s, acting on her behalf to liaise with the court about her non-attendance at a hearing.

A CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: We first emailed our concerns about the children over five years ago. Since then the media, Police and Social Services have orchestrated a conspiracy of silence.

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