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November 21st, 2012

Fathers 4 Justice Responds to the Justice Committee

Fathers4Justice has asked that they could specifically give oral testimony direct to the committee, not make more written submissions, submissions that have easily been disregarded in the past.

Making token submissions that give legitimacy to an illegitimate process – for that is what we believe a submission without oral testimony is – does not constitute proper or appropriate representation in our democracy.

Further, we do not want to comment simply on the matter of the Bill before the committee, but to address fundamental and serious failings of the Family Justice system which are not covered by the Bill.

As the single largest group affected by decisions made in the family courts we ask that we receive proper representation by Fathers4Justice at this hearing.

To read the full 8 page letter regarding the denial of appropriate representation, CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK, FATHERS 4 JUSTICE LETTER TO JUSTICE COMMITTEE 21st NOVEMBER 2012

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