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March 26th, 2015

Prime Minister David Cameron apologises to Fathers4Justice over allegations group ‘climbed’ on his roof


Prime Minister David Cameron today apologised to Fathers4Justice in the Evening Standard for wrongly accusing them of climbing on the roof of his Oxfordshire home. The Prime Minister had levelled the charge against the pressure group in an interview with the paper last week.

In a statement tonight, David Cameron said, “I’m sorry for any offence to them that may have been caused by what was a light-hearted remark.”

Fathers4Justice had sent a letter before action to Mr Cameron on 18th March asking him to publicly retract his comments. The group also say a member of the House of Lords raised the matter of the allegations in a meeting with them on Tuesday 24th March, and the group emailed MPs and Members of the House of Lords to address the allegations today.

Founder of Fathers4Justice, Matt O’Connor, tonight said, “We are taking legal advice on Mr Cameron’s response to see if it fully mitigates the harm done by these allegations. Fathers4Justice has been subject to a number of false allegations by Conservative MPs which we are also addressing.”

“F4J has been subject to false allegations on several occasions in the past including allegations the group plotted to kidnap the then Prime Minister’s son, Leo Blair in 2006, and of making death threats against Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss in 2013. We take all allegations seriously, and where these are falsely made, will ask that these allegations are withdrawn.”

Dame Elizabeth publicly apologised for making those allegations in a statement in the House of Lords here:

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