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September 4th, 2015

Fathers4Justice say Children’s Hearings Scotland response makes no apology for ‘hate male’ ads


Fathers4Justice today said that Children’s Hearings Scotland failed to apologise for ads the group says are anti-male and discriminatory.

You can read the Children’s Hearings Scotland statement here:’s-hearings-scotland-statement-about-‘barrier’-advertising-campaign/

Said F4J Founder Matt O’Connor, “The response from Children’s Hearings Scotland contains no apology, is deliberately misleading and illustrates an ingrained discrimination against dads in Scotland. Demonising 50% of the Scottish population on the basis of their gender is unacceptable.”

“Children’s Hearings Scotland cannot argue that it is not their intention to portray a specific gender as abusive or violent, when that is exactly what they have done with their advertising and we stand by our call for these adverts to be withdrawn.”

“None of the adverts show a woman being violent or abusive to a child. Attitudes like these show Scotland is living in the dark ages and putting children at greater risk of abuse as the murder of Mikaeel Kular by his mother showed last year.”

“These ads should be withdrawn by Children’s Hearings Scotland immediately.”

According to the Office for National Statistics in 2013/14, 8.5% of women and 4.5% of men had experienced domestic abuse in the past year, equivalent to 1.4 million female victims and 700,000 male victims.

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