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September 26th, 2016

Dads will be frozen out by new Sperm App say Fathers4Justice



Fathers4Justice founder Matt O’Connor spoke on Channel5’s The Wright Stuff this morning to say that a new app allowing women to browse for sperm donors on their mobile phones reduces fathers to the status of ‘sperm banks’.

The app from London Sperm Bank Donors lets women browse men by a series of characteristics including height, ethnicity and hair colour. The company claims it will address the ‘acute shortage of sperm donated in the UK.’

However F4J say the app is encouraging women to create fatherless families, thereby denying children their human right to a father.

Said F4J Founder, Matt O’Connor, “A father is for life, not just conception. This app denigrates and commoditises fatherhood, and reduces men to the status of sperm banks and Uber daddies.”

“Children should not be designer accessories, made to specification like a handbag or sold from a vending machine.”

“Like their sperm, dads are being frozen out. 4 million children now live in fatherless homes and are being denied their human right to a father.”

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