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August 26th, 2017

Fathers4Justice call on Mothercare to review brand name

Fathers4Justice have written to Mothercare CEO Mark Newton-Jones calling on the store to review the use of its brand name and to consider replacing it with “Parentcare”, “Babycare” or similar.

Mothercare have not responded to the letter dated 9th August, or a separate letter calling on the store to withdraw the “My K” brand by Myleene Klass after allegations surfaced that the celebrity opposed parental equality for separated dads, and had denied her children access to their father.

Said Fathers4Justice Founder Matt O’Connor, “Why doesn’t Mothercare about dads? A third of all childcare is undertaken by dads, and yes, we even shop at Mothercare. Shouldn’t this be reflected in their brand name and values?”

“The name Mothercare makes many fathers feel forgotten and undervalued, as well as teaching children crude, prehistoric stereotypes when it comes to parenting roles. The conditioning of children to believe only mothers care is not only harmful, but is wrong given three million kids live in fatherless homes.”

“It is also inappropriate for Mothercare to endorse Myleene Klass and stock her range given she opposes parental equality for separated dads and faces allegations she has denied her children access to their dad.”

“Mothercare have chose not to investigate these allegations. Not only does this set a harmful and damaging example to other mums, but creates the impression that Mothercare is a deeply sexist, misandrist and fatherphobic organisation.”

Read Matt O’Connor’s article about the Mothercare brand name in the Daily Telegraph here:

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