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September 5th, 2018

Stella Creasy accused of ‘misandry’ as MP’s consider misogyny legislation

Campaign group Fathers4Justice (F4J) has accused Labour MP Stella Creasy of ‘misandry’ and creating a climate for ‘false allegations’ in the wake of the Roxanne Pallett dispute as she tries to change the law so that misogynistic behaviour is treated as a hate crime.

The group say all sexist abuse, including misandry, should be classed as a hate crime and that Stella Creasy’s actions risk stereotyping all men as perpetrators, and all women as victims.

The MP and F4J have taken to Twitter in an argument about the issue.

Said F4J founder Matt O’Connor, “Abuse has no gender. Both men and women can be victims and perpetrators of abuse.”

“In fact men are very reluctant to report abuse because of the stigmas and shame attached to male victims and the absence of male support services.”

“Stella Creasy’s obsessive demonisation of men smacks of misandry and lets down all victims of abuse who need a voice, irrespective of their gender.

“It also risks trivialising real hate crime and creating an hysteria where false allegations are being increasingly made against men as we saw with the Roxanne Pallett dispute.”

“As an MP Stella Creasy needs to represent all her constituents, not just women.”

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