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December 24th, 2018

David Beckham accused of funding legal action to stop niece seeing her dad and grandparents at Christmas

David Beckham has been accused of funding legal action to deny his niece’s father and grandparents access to her at Christmas, while she spends the festive break at the stars £6 million country estate.

Former Big Brother star Kris Donnelly, who has called in Fathers4Justice to take on the Beckham’s in his legal battle for access to his one-year-old daughter, Peggy, says the ex-footballer must be funding the legal action as his sister isn’t working.

Beckham is said to have raked in £47 million profits for the last financial year with a hefty £21 million in cash reserves.

In a letter dated 21 December 2018 from Joanne Beckham’s solicitors to Peggy’s grandparents, Mr Phil Donnelly and Mrs Elaine Donnelly, Cartwright Cunningham Haselgrove and Co (CCH) deny the grandparents access on the following grounds and suggest ‘supervised’ contact at a later date;

‘Kris has only just commenced seeing Peggy after a space of approximately five months and our client would like to have this established before further members of the family are re-introduced to Peggy.’

‘Once contact is established…our client would propose that yourselves could join for a portion of one of the contact sessions…’

‘She would also propose that rather than all of you attend at once, that it be limited to two people at a time, so as to ensure that Peggy is not overwhelmed.’

Said Kris: “My parents and aging grandmother, great nanny Jean, were devastated to receive this letter just before Christmas.

“When I read the letter I was physically sick. It implies Peggy’s paternal grandparents pose some sort of risk to my daughter and need supervised contact. Worst still it contains a number of outrageous restrictions.

“This shows the double standards behind the conduct of the Beckham family and how appallingly they are treating half of Peggy’s family. There are no restrictions on the number of members of their family who will see Peggy at Christmas.

“What sort of person would treat grandparents like this at Christmas time?”

Kris’s family have sent Christmas presents and cards to Peggy but have received no response.

Said F4J founder Matt O’Connor: “This has been a deeply distressing time for Kris and his family and we are offering them ongoing support.”

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