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September 9th, 2018

Kellogg’s to change Coco Pops slogan after Fathers4Justice supermarket protest

Multi-national cereal giant Kellogg’s have agreed to change Coco Pops branding after a protest by Fathers4Justice in a Peterborough supermarket on Tuesday.

Father of three, Matt O’Connor, 51, from Clapham, and Paul Robinson, 56 from Portsmouth, Hampshire, staged a protest at Asda in Rivergate, Peterborough, on Tuesday afternoon, over what they called ‘cereal discrimination’ against dads on packaging for Kellogg’s Coco Pops.

Current Coco Pops packaging is emblazoned on the front with the banner, ‘Loved by kids. Approved by mums.’

Mr O’Connor – who is the founder of campaign group Fathers4Justice – went into Asda, Peterborough, with Robinson on Tuesday to protest about the packaging by dumping packs of Coco Pops onto the floor before pouring milk on them. During the protest, he asked shoppers to ‘dump’ Coco Pops and boycott the brand.

The duo filmed the incident and broadcast it live on Facebook before security escorted them to a back room and armed police were called.

Within minutes of the protest starting, Kellogg’s tweeted that they would change the packs to say ‘Approved by Parents’.

“I am delighted that Kellogg’s have responded quickly and responsibly and I hope other big brands take note. When it comes to families, and the marketing of products to them, both parents matter,” said Mr O’Connor.


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Putting the ‘pops’ back into Coco Pops stirred up national media coverage on ITV’s This Morning (1.2m viewers), The Telegraph, The Independent and Newsweek alongside regional press and social media.


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