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March 9th, 2017

‘Womb Raider’ is now ‘Bank Raider’ as Angelina Jolie demands $100,000 a MONTH child support

Yep, after trashing Brad Pitt’s reputation – then playing the tearful victim card to claim they’ll ‘always be a family’ – ruthless Hollywood crummy mummy, Angelina Jolie, has made her first attempt to make a cash withdrawal from the ‘The Bank Of Brad’.

Jolie is seeking an eye-watering $100,000 a MONTH in child support. You could adopt the children of a small South American country for that amount.

Oddly enough, the Bank Of Brad declined Jolie’s card while he continues to seek joint custody.

Angelina needs to remember our mantra: “A father is for love, not just child support”.

Read about the Fathers4Justice Angelina Jolie ‘Malevolent’ Hollywood campaign here:

Read Matt O’Connor’s Telegraph article about Hollywood Mums:

Read more about the child support story here:

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