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April 4th, 2017

Fathers4Justice to visit Scottish Parliament

Fathers4Justice are calling on Scottish dads to lobby their MSPs to support a motion lodged on behalf of F4J in the Scottish Parliament by MSP Finlay Carson.

The motion calls on Parliament to support the ‘Forgotten Fathers’ campaign by F4J in advance of a series of meetings at Holyrood later this month.

You can read the motion here:

You can find your MSP here:

The campaign was launched outside the Scottish Parliament on 14th February.

F4J founder, Matt O’Connor, said the group will publish a new document, ‘Forgotten Fathers: A Public Health Crisis’ during the visit, outlining their plans which include parental equality for Scottish dads, improved spending on men’s health issues, funds to help tackle the male suicide epidemic and funding for research into the impact of family breakdown and fatherlessness in Scotland.

Said O’Connor, “Scotland’s forgotten fathers deserve a voice. Hopefully this is the first step towards parental equality in Scotland and addressing the risks faced by separated dads.”

Said Finlay Carson, “We need to change the culture around how parents are treated after separation. I am in support of equal parenting, where both mothers and fathers are given equal rights by the courts.

“I hope that this campaign will encourage father’s to be more open about their feelings for their children, and help to highlight the vital role many fathers play in their children’s lives.”

The government has already responded to a written question tabled by Lib Dem MSP Liam McArthur here:

Fathers4Justice have also called for case studies as part of their submissions:

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